Long Term Care

Can my loved one be eligible for any financial assistance?

Yes, we will assist in the application for Long Term Care Medicaid.

Do I need an appointment to come in and see the facility?

No, an appointment is not necessary. Feel free to come by anytime Monday thru Friday, during usual work hours. The Social Worker is available for tours and to answer any questions.

Do they have their own room?

We have semi-private rooms. However, private pay residents may arrange for payment of a private room.

Do you have in-house therapy?

Yes, we provide physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

How do you go about placing someone in a nursing home?

First, tour the facilities of your choice. Second, contact the person in charge of admission, usually the Social Services Director. We understand that the decision to place a family member in a nursing facility may be difficult. Therefore, we will do everything we are capable of doing to help make this transition easier for everyone involved.

How much assistance is given to each resident?

Assistance provided depends on the level of care needed by each individual.

How much does it cost to place my loved one in a nursing home?

We will be happy to discuss the financial aspects of nursing facility placement. By doing so, we can determine eligibility for Medicaid assistance. Monthly rates vary for nursing facilities. The best option is to contact the facility of your choice to discuss this. Click here for a list of nursing facilities affiliated with CCI.

How much money will I have to pay if I get financial assistance?

Monthly liability will be calculated by the sum of all income minus $38.00, which is refunded to the resident monthly. Medicaid also allows for health insurance premiums to be deducted before the monthly liability calculation.

How often can I leave the facility?

When residing in a Nursing Facility, we want residents to feel as though they are at home. In saying this, residents are free to go on pass with family and friends as they choose. However, Medicaid guidelines state that a person in a nursing facility cannot exceed fifteen 24-hour periods per calendar year away from the nursing facility.

Is family responsible for taking loved ones to doctor appointments?

No, transportation is provided to doctor appointments.

Is there a lockdown unit for Alzheimers's?

Specialized care varies by facility. The best option is to contact the facility of your choice to discuss this. Click here for a list of nursing facilities affiliated with CCI.

What am I allowed to bring into the facility?

We encourage you to bring items to make their rooms feel like home. If residents have a favorite recliner, a TV, a small refrigerator, and family portraits, we encourage residents to bring these items with them. Click here for a list of nursing facilities affiliated with CCI.

What are my options regarding doctor choice and pharmacy choice?

For the convenience of our residents, we have several doctors that visit our facilities on a regular basis. A list of doctors and pharmacies that deliver to our facilities is provided with admission information. However, the choice of doctor and pharmacy is decided by each resident. We do recommend area physicians and pharmacies that will deliver.

What are my payment options?

In order to assist residents and their families, arrangements can be made to best fit everyone's needs.
Private Pay - pay the facility's daily rate.
Medicaid - application is made for Medicaid if the resident cannot afford the private daily rate. If the applicant has less than $2,000 in total assets (not including a house and one vehicle), the applicant may be eligible for Medicaid. The resident is responsible for paying the portion of the monthly bill that monthly income can cover, but Medicaid will pick up the remaining amount. A Medicaid recipient is able to keep home, property on which that home is located, and one vehicle.
Medicare - a resident with Medicare coverage may be eligible for Skilled Nursing care. If eligible, Medicare covers a percentage of up to 100 days.

What if I have a mortgage that I am still paying on?

Medicaid does not allow for mortgage payments. This should be discussed with family members at the first mention of nursing facility placement.

What if I have money set aside for burial. Will that count against me if over the $2000 limit?

A burial policy under $10,000 is not considered an asset. All policies should be irrevocable. Contact the policy provider or the chosen funeral home.

What if I make more than $2000 a month?

If your income is above $2,000 but below the monthly nursing facility rate, an application can be made for the Medicaid Spend Down Program. This application is similar to the application for Long Term Care Medicaid.

What is spousal impoverishment?

Spousal impoverishment applies when only one spouse enters a nursing facility. This status is applied for during the application process for Long Term Care Medicaid. Spousal impoverishment allows the spouse at home to keep part or all of the combined income.

What is the Medicaid office phone number?

Medicaid office phone number varies by facility. The best option is to contact the facility of your choice to discuss this.

What is the staff/nurse to patient ratio?

Our staff to resident ratio at minimum meets state requirements, but often exceeds state requirements.

What services are included in the daily rate?

Daily services available include Nursing, Social Services, Restorative Nursing, Dietary, Laundry and Housekeeping.

Where will I get money to pay for my insurance?

As mentioned above, Medicaid allows for continued payment of health insurance premiums.

Why do some people get $90 for personal needs?

Residents entering a nursing facility that are Veterans or spouses of deceased Veterans are able to apply for $90.00 a month through the veterans Administration. We will assist anyone that qualifies in obtaining this benefit at the time of admission.