About CCI

Louis P. Harrell, Jr. founded Central Control on February 6, 1978.  L.P. Harrell's wife and partner of forty-eight years, Jerrine B. Harrell, has continued his vision with the support of their daughter, Donna McPherson.  Since 1978, Central Control, also known as CCI, has built a solid reputation in the health care industry as being a "leader" in long-term care.  The management and staff of CCI prides themselves as being caring and compassionate individuals.  The company's mission and values statement reflect those same beliefs.

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Our Mission

We will operate and manage health care facilities so that value is added through our employees in the process.  We will constantly strive to improve our operations through performance improvement, managing productivity, costs, and the provision of quality leadership, and planning.
We will serve with absolute integrity and honor.